About Me and Food

We ate well growing up, but it wasn’t until I was married that my father started really hitting his stride in the kitchen. About that same time, I was almost religiously watching Rachael Ray and Alton Brown. I finally bought good knives and cookware, and discovered that I didn’t just like to eat food, I really enjoyed making it!

Being in the kitchen, especially when cooking for people I love, is one of my happiest of places. I love simmering something low and slow on the stove, placing a big pot of deliciousness on the Big Green Egg, putting together gorgeous charcuterie spreads for friends and family, and just being at home with food.

Second best is traveling to new places and experiencing cuisine there. I love to try a new restaurant and order something I’ve never had. Forgive me for the years of instagramming my plates. I just can’t help it. Food is ART.

Bread is Life

More recently for me, is a near obsession with sourdough. I always thought I wasn’t a baker, but it turns out I just hadn’t had the time and patience for it. Cooking is easy – once you know how flavors and textures work together, plus a handful of basic methods, you can just start throwing stuff into a pot.

Baking is precise and measured. It requires you to be more intentional. I have discovered a love for that as well.

Things Dad Says

Even before we became a couple of chefs, me and my dad, he’s had a way of expressing his appreciation for good eats in a way that is almost legendary in our family. Be forewarned that if he tells you something is “nasty” or ” not any good at all” you are going to want to get some before it’s gone.

You wouldn’t want to get that anywhere NEAR your mouth

We eat it so often we don’t even call it “Mexican”, we just call it “food”

If we aren’t supposed to eat animals then why are they made out of meat?

The Escalante Dachshunds

My other great love (other than my husband) is these four. They are my comfort, my constant companions and the perfect kitchen partners for someone (like me) who is always dropping bits of food on the floor.

How do people cook without dogs?


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